Mr Richard Chistopher Webb

Head of Science Department
BSc in Physics at London University; PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) from the Kent University
I am a firm believer in enjoyment. If pupils enjoy their lessons they will want to succeed. ISM provides an environment which allows this ideology to flourish which is one of the reasons why teaching here in Moscow is so fulfilling. ISM is my third international school. I taught in both the United Arab Emirates and Bangkok; prior to that I taught in the UK for 17 years. My sporting interests these days lie in watching rather than participating. I have really enjoyed viewing the recent cricket 20:20 World Cup finals plus the Rugby World Cup. A brilliant year for me. My favourite football team is Arsenal, enough said: We will win the league next season! I now spend most of my free time and holidays in France. I have enjoyed renovating an old Wine Merchants house in the centre of France. This project has not only kept me fit but has allowed my imagination to run free.