Ms Francesca Da Silva

Reception Assistant Teacher
Russia State People Friendship University - diploma degree in Tourism and Hospitality management business.
I first became interested in teaching as a student, working with children has made me realise how much I enjoyed it, my further experience affirmed teaching as my career choice. I believe the main focus of a teacher is to ensure that children can build their confidence through a trusting and empowering relationship with a teacher in a positive classroom atmosphere. As a creative person, I like to apply my skills to develop class projects that are motivating, challenging and fun. ISM is a place with lots of opportunities, where all students and staff members are very supportive of each other and I feel very lucky to be a member of this school and I am sure that I can contribute positively to ISM school community. I am fluent in several languages, English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, also I have studied French which I understand fairly well. I like to swim, to play football when there is a chance, but mostly I enjoy long distance walk with a good music.