Making Memories

Written By Lola Erickson, Year 7.

Throughout this academic year, The International School of Moscow has hosted and taken part in a number of events. Whether it consists of sports, art, languages and more, we are making lots of memories for students, teachers and parents.

Numerous inter-house competitions were created with the challenges of baking, singing, drawing and playing sports. We also recently had our 11th annual family fun day where we were presented with a stunning cake as well as booths from each tutor group with a unique idea from our theme of the world cup. The P.E department have taken some of our skilled peers to The Netherlands as well to compete against other schools in football and basketball.

One of my favourite experiences was when we had the creative arts department host a workshop for music, art and drama. I really enjoyed spending the week learning about different styles and techniques used in performing. Our most recent event just happened last week when each year group went across the globe to places like France, Tanzania, Berlin, Portugal and more for the residential trips.

Every year more memories and events are created and more students are there to share them with us. So as we move on to the next year, remember all of the memories that were made this year and strive to make more.