Year 6 Oceanariam Visit

After a lovely morning spent watching Year 5’s production, Year 6 boarded a convoy of buses and travelled to the Oceanarium to conclude their ‘Living thing’ Science topic.
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

After a brief argument with a ticket machine (and working out how to use a barcode scanner) we entered the magical worlds of oceans, jungles and rivers.

The water worlds comprised of a myriad of tanks from creatures of the deep, ranging from beautifully coloured, delicate fish to sinister sharks. Mr Ferran was excited about seeing his first ever real life turtle (there aren’t very many in Liverpool) and most of 6C and 6D were entranced at the behaviour of a penguin that just would not dive into the water on demand, the cheek!

Entering the jungle, we were met by a wall of heat and a menagerie of exotic beasts. A gentle stream bubbled its way past scorpions, bugs as big as your head and a variety of slimy frogs and toads.

Before we knew it, we had left the warmth of the jungle and were heading back to the buses through piles of snow.

Overall, an enjoyable end to an interesting topic.