Year 3 Production of Skull Island

Year 3 spent the last half term preparing for our production of ‘Skull Island’.
Monday, March 26, 2018

Our first foray into the ancient world of pirates and buried treasure was exciting and filled with action. We really enjoyed learning our lines and singing our swashbuckling songs. As the weeks passed, the children became significantly more confident at remembering their lines, their dances and the songs.

A lot of preparation and hard work was put into ensuring that our production was excellent, including the children becoming a great support network for each other by rehearsing in groups, providing encouragement both on and off the stage and creating their own artwork.

The time of our final production reached ever closer, and the children really rose to the challenge. We were filled with pride when we found out that the children had independently made a lot of the props and also offered to help paint our exquisite background! As the week of the final performance fell upon us, we were filled with excitement at having the opportunity to perform for our school and our parents, transporting them to long-forgotten worlds filled with danger and catchy singing. It was certainly an experience that won’t be forgotten.