Year 3 Production

As is tradition here at Lower Campus, Year 3 got the ball rolling with their version of Andrew Richardson’s Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum for their production.
Wednesday, December 27, 2017

After all the initial preparations of editing the script, deciding on roles, music and costumes, the children had approximately three weeks to rehearse, get a feel for the characters and the play itself before performing three times in the space of three days.

Productions are a method of showcasing our children’s talents for dance, public speaking and singing outside of the usual format of concerts. Pantomime styles are thoroughly entertaining and provide a variety of humour for the audience to enjoy and of course a little bit of “he’s behind you” interaction thrown into the mix. Not only did the choice of script for Jack and the Beanstalk prove to be an excellent once, but the audience were presented with some live music performed by our very own Basile Rutz and Vladimir Avetissian.

The masterminds behind the excellent performances were Mr Smith, Ms Bantick, Mrs Staerck, Ms Kamalova, Ms Martin and Mr Gilbey. All worked hard to ensure the children felt comfortable in their roles and contributed to the performance as a whole. Basile played beautifully on the violin while Vladimir contributed nicely with the drums every time a joke punchline had been executed. Jokes, which, Mr Smith had edited beautifully to bring a sense of familiarity by referencing a number of familiar people to the children.

The most notable performances came from Elizaveta Nesterenko who sang with beauty and maturity coupled with an energetic acting performance too. Vivienne Johnson was energetic and extremely funny as Daisy the cow who suffered the humiliation of being sold for being too old! Stepan Bogicevic enjoyed one of the leading roles as Jack by giving an expressive performance with a very solid vocal performance too.

Year 3 have set the standard for the rest of the year as Year 2 are next on the list to perform for parents and children in term two.