West Side Story production

ISM's whole-school production of West Side Story was a big hit! Hear one actress describe her thoughts on how it went...
Thursday, December 15, 2016

The complex music, the captivating dancing and the compelling acting. From beginning to end I can confidently say that I have enjoyed every part of this year's production of West Side Story.

The process in itself was a long one, yet it was very rewarding and worth all the effort. We all took part in intensive rehearsals in which we would practice scene after scene, repeat each dance number to perfection and try our best to grasp the unique melodies and rhythms of the songs (which were then played by a brilliant live orchestra). It was really motivational to work alongside such talented actors with great personalities, from Year 7 up to Year 13, and see them blossom on stage as promising young actors. Each one of them was invaluable, and every moment of the process made me feel like I was a part of something great, which it was!

With Miss Ngcobo as our wonderful director, Mr. Langford in charge of music and Mrs. Thompson in charge of backstage, I think each year it will be harder and harder to top off our top-notch performances. However, with a cast like ours, I have confidence that the impossible can be accomplished.

Although, naturally, the performance nights were immensely exhilarating and unquestionably successful, what made it for me was ultimately the cast. On the night of the performance, I sensed the air buzzing with determination and excitement, and I felt the support we had always given each other amplified massively behind the curtains. It inspired me to do my best as my character, Riff, on behalf of the cast. This production has definitely shaped me as a performer; I really learned how much the cast makes a great production, but we also got to practice our gangster walks and personas, which I personally found very enjoyable.

Thank you to all that made it to our performances on the 6th and 7th of December. It really made our day and we're very proud to have put on such a wonderful production for your (and our!) enjoyment. Thank you, also, to everyone that took their time to help out, whether is was with lights, props, music, costume, or countless other things.

I already feel the waves of nostalgia washing over me whenever I see something even remotely related to West Side Story, and I can say with confidence that if given the opportunity I would do it again in a heartbeat. If I were to leave the cast and and crew with some final parting words, I'd say...we done good, buddy boys!

Written by Lisa Guryeva, Year 11