Swimming Showcase

ISM’s annual swimming showcase event for Lower Campus took place on the 5th, 6th and 7th of December.
Friday, December 8, 2017

Organised and executed by Mr Kraaij and Mr Knape, the P.E team for Lower Primary. It was held on the Krylatskoye Golf Club premises on Ostrovnaya street near to the school.

The event consisted of a 30 minute lesson followed by three races. A 25 m freestyle followed by a 25m backstroke race gave the children the opportunity to perform individually in the water and showcase their technique as well as pace in front of their peers and parents. The individual races were followed by a House based team race that required each child to help guide their team’s noodle to the other side of the pool in the quickest time possible. Once the races were completed the children were given some free time in the pool in the form of a mini-disco.

Each child gave their very best but there could only be one fastest boy and one fastest girl on the day. Grigory Gorskiy from Year Three now holds this year's record of 18.55 seconds in the 25m freestyle as he eclipsed his opponents with consummate ease. Andrey Tolonnikov came very close to beating Grigory’s time but came up short by just one second! Sonya Kuzmicheva represented the girls in fine fashion with a winning time of 26.2 seconds in another fantastic display by one of our children.

At ISM we endeavour to ensure each child is challenged and, as such, we try to bring that into our events in a fun and interesting way. A David vs Goliath type event were the children compete against teachers willing to put their reputations on the line. Three teachers stepped up to the mark. Mr Chapman, Mr Barrett and Mr Salisbury. All teachers with strong sporting pedigree pitting their wits against the strongest swimmers ISM can offer. The tension was apparent as Mr Chapman and Mr Barrett made their way off the blocks with Andrey Tolonnikov (the fastest child in Year Two) in pursuit. Sadly, Mr Chapmans height, rather than his skill, saw him snatch victory from the jaws of defeat as Andrey swam admirably for second place. In Year One all of the Sharks wanted to challenge Mr Salisbury for the 25m freestyle and they all performed valiantly. One child stood out from the rest as he defeated Mr Salisbury in what was a tight finish. Yibo Chen had to dig deep and show the kind of courage and determination that many of our children show everyday when faced with new challenges. David had finally defeat Goliath in the last showcase of the week.

Awards were handed out during assembly on the 8th of December. The fastest swimmers from each swimming group were given a special medal for such a fantastic achievement with the winners of each individual race given a medal too. Not only were the children recognised for their achievements during what was an incredibly successful week, but their houses were rewarded with points that will go towards an extra special assembly at the end of the term. However, the house with the most points overall during the showcase week was the Normans.