ISM Rocks

The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, do any of these bands strike a chord?
Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The ISM secondary students have done it again! On the 5th and 6th December, they brought rock - and we mean, ROCK, to stir up our students’, parents’ and staff’s inner rebellious spirit.

Who would have imagined an unemployed, blood-sucking, cross-dressing, ex-rock star would be qualified to teach at an elite private elementary school? Dewey Finn, played by Max Taptygin, became a game-changer - or a complete fiasco - when he accepted the offer to substitute at Horace Green by their reserved Principle Ms.Rosalie Mullins, played by Liza Vasilyeva. It was up to the students to decide who to listen to.

Being part of the cast, the amount of time, effort and sweat poured out by the cast and crew has been an exciting challenge, and we deeply appreciated the near 800 people that came along to watch over the two nights at the Rublevo Theatre.

It was surely one of the most memorable nights in this years academic calendar! No school, no rules, just ROCK!

Written by Tahee Strein, Year 11

ISM Rocks