Family Fun Day

Teachers, parents and children came together for the annual Family Fun Day.
Monday, July 2, 2018

This year we had a number of special guests who joined us to celebrate another school year coming to a close as well as our famous raffle.

Melisa Erdem joined us to thank everyone for their contribution and amazing generosity as we get ever closer to being able to fund her new heart. As part of our funding campaign we had Royal photographer Hugo Bernand fly to Moscow to take a number of photographs so we could hold a silent auction. The silent auction was a big success as our photographs with the Royal seal helped us raise even more money for Melisa.

We had three football freestylers who came in to showcase their skills on stage as our football themed month continues. Not only that, but we had two women’s international footballers from the Russian national team and CSKA Moscow in Anastasiya Konyukhova and Elizaveta Scherbakova join us too! Imagine that? Two professional footballers coming to our school and enjoying the atmosphere that ISM provides parents and children alike.