Charity Action Across ISM

Across all campuses of The International School of Moscow students have been working hard to make the world around them a better place. Incredible ideas have sprouted, and in turn the students of our school have carried out some wonderful work.
Monday, April 10, 2017
Charity Action Across ISM

Across all campuses of The International School of Moscow students have been working hard to make the world around them a better place. Incredible ideas have sprouted, and in turn the students of our school have carried out some wonderful work. It is a privilege to share some of these charitable actions with you.

In Krylatskoe Lower Campus, students have been doing their bit to help our four legged friends. In the after school activity “Pet Butler Club” students learnt how to look after animals correctly, and decided to help animals by organizing a pet food donation. Lots of food, toys and other important items were donated to animal shelters to help care for the animals there. More information can be found at

Not only have lower campus been helping in Russia, they have also been making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate who live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Story week inspired our Student Council to organise and run a used book sale, with all proceeds going to Book Aid International, an organization promoting reading.  The sale was held on Wednesday the 8th March, and raised over 23,000 rubles! More information on the charity these hardworking students helped can be found at

Last but not least, Lower Campus now has a team of eco warriors! These students have come together and started to generate some ideas of how ISM can become more environmentally friendly. Ideas in the works include composting, planting, and raising money to support environmental causes. Watch this space!

Krylatskoe Upper Campus has also caught a case of the charitable spirit, and a number of events have taken place. Students at upper campus fundraised and collected New Year presents to support numerous organisations helping both the elderly and young at this special time of year, including Dom Bosco, Funds Philantrop and Vera and Victoria.

The money they raised was used by the organisation “Vera” to support 30 children with serious illnesses, buying much needed items such as blankets, baby monitors, humidifiers and small cooking hobs allowing the parents to cook homemade food for their children. “Old age is a joy” is another organisation that received money. With the money raised 238 old people were provided with things that all of us take for granted: calendars, sweets, towels, shirts and a vacuum cleaner.

Not only were all these people helped, but many more! “Philantrop” helped support 43 children whose parents suffer from disabilities and are unable to financially support them. “Galchonok” helped buy New Year presents for 80 children living with disabilities in various parts of Russia and “Fund Victoria” sent presents to 56 children living with cancer in hospitals in Vladimir.

Upper Campus has also helped to support Street Child World Cup. In 2018, Russia will hold the FIFA World Cup, but this is not the only world sporting event Russia will hold as the Street Child World Cup will be held in Moscow. In November there was the Street Child World Cup "Get your kit on" initiative which was open to all students and staff on Upper Campus. In a nutshell, you were able to wear your team's football shirt in order to raise money and awareness for the games. In February we also had a Valentine’s disco raising money for the Street Child World Cup. This allowed the pupils to bring in their homemade tasty treats to sell to the other students and the staff.

At our Rosinka campus many exciting events have taken place this school year to help others. In the autumn term on the 19th September we hosted the Terry Fox run. The day began with an inspirational assembly, and cumulated with the run itself, where everybody was welcome to participate. All the money raised by this event was donated to the Terry Fox Foundation and to the New Life Fund that supports sport for disabled people in Moscow.

Rosinka also held a pajama day on the 28th of October, and what a fun day it was! The student council organised this fundraiser to help a four-year-old girl named Shukrona, born with congenital heart disease, who desperately needed an expensive operation.

Across ISM, not only have we been working on ideas separately, but we have also had events spanning across all three campuses, showing that we really can work magic and make a huge difference when we work as a team!

Music marathon was one such event, and this year we raised money through music for children's charities in the UK (BBC Children in need) and in Russia (Diemas Dream). All students across all campuses were fully involved in the event from morning till afternoon. Children enjoyed a variety of different activities such as dancing, singing, and what not!

Another charity supported by all campuses was Otkazniki. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to support the less fortunate people and this year as usual we were helping children from orphanages and poor families by giving them presents for Christmas. Children in ISM took an active part in preparing a performance for the assembly, designing Christmas cards and choosing presents for children. We believe that this event was truly magical and very important.

The most recent charitable event that has occurred at ISM is possibly also the most fun! Students raised money through laughter and having a funny time for Comic Relief, a UK based charity that helps children both in the UK and in Africa.

On Friday the 24th of March, the whole of ISM celebrated Red Nose Day. Children came dressed in as much red as possible and wore their red noses with pride! Hilarious assemblies, blazing bake sales and all sorts of other fun events helped make this day a roaring success. In total ISM managed to raise a grand total of 425,189 rubles! Check out all the highlights here.

A sincere thank you from ISM to all staff, parents and students who have worked so hard to help make a difference. We have done a magnificent job so far, and will continue to aspire to even more!
Red Nose Day ISM