After School Activities at ISM Rosinka

This winter, Rosinka students have been taking part in lots of fun after school activities (ASAs).
Monday, March 26, 2018

ASAs in the winter months at ISM Rosinka have given opportunity for students to go skiing outside. Students were able to follow a track in the Rosinka grounds and show their fitness and skills by skiing in small groups and having races, it was wonderful to see students in their ski gear and take advantage of the weather.

Back in the school, Stykx animation has proven to be very popular with students once again, they had to create videos and get a charter to travel/move and fly. In sports, dodge ball games for Lower Primary has been in the hall this term and students got the chance to demonstrate their skills in challenges with their peers: bouncing, racing and throwing were all some of the skills required to win mini games against each other as individuals and in small teams, the club has a super feel and is a lot of fun.

“Leaders of tomorrow” is an ASA where students get to learn different skills, including: problem solving and life skill activities along with puzzles. ASA have been fantastic this term with a very high sign up - make sure you sign up for the summer term!